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With StudyDestiny, you can apply to your desired school directly using our online Application Form. Study Destiny Website is for the independent international students who want to go abroad by themselves without study abroad agency's help. You are able to search your desired schools through the website and apply for the courses without any cost or hidden fee. Once you applying for any course, your application will process with oversee counselor.
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Requirement Documents

Short-Term Visitors (C-3): No documents are required (U.S Citizen Only)
Student Visa (D-2):
- Admissions letter or certificate of registration issued by the president of the college or university.
- Certificate of bank balance.
- A copy of Diploma or the most recent school transcript.
- For an individual who is researching at an educational/scientific research organization:
   - Substantiating documents for the research.
   - Certificate from the most recent school.
   - Letter of personal security assurance (Form 129).
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