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 User guidance
Study Destiny, a website designed for students who wish to get ready for their study abroad programs without the help of agencies, does not charge extra fees. Through Study Destiny, students can grasp the details of oversea-study course without much effort, build an acquaintance with their admissions officers and get a hold of the most accurate source of information while the students take the initiative to get ready.

Applying through StudyDestiny allows students to check the status of the applications at anytime as contacting the institutions’ personnel is easier for us than students. Students will also be given the best service from the professionals who have been working in the field for more than 10 years with various problems which include language, document problems, and etc without having to pay extra fees.

Except for the short studies, please consider the deadlines of the institution and apply at least 8-10 weeks earlier.

After the application is submitted, if there are problems or personal issues to cancel the school entrance, the student must inform the school admission office or Study Destiny office within 2 weeks from the school admission about the cancelation. If the student contacts later than 2 weeks, the school might follow its admission policy and the student can be penalized with additional cancelation fee. Please be aware of this information.

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