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  Language Studies International(LSI)-NewYork 
Off-campus Residence
Private language institute (at University)
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Location : America > New York State Establishment : 1965
Enrollment : 150 Airport Pickup : Yes
  40 Rector St., between Washington St. and West St.
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  Telephone : +1 212 965-9940   Fax : +1 212 965-1268
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- LSI's international students from all over the world will share each other's language learning experiences.
- LSI pursues a small class size in order to provide students with the most ideal studying environment.
- LSI's qualified teachers will offer top-quality class lessons.
- LSI Language Centers all over the world will provide students with a global experience.
Top Native Language by Center
Language Studies International has worked with many international students, majority of which come from Asia. Many students are from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Other students come from Latin American and Europe as well.
Conditional Admission
LSI's academic team provides students assistance when going through the application process for transfers. The staff will check language requirements and required documents with the students in order for them to be well prepared. Furthermore, school counselors will come up with a study plan for individual students and monitor each student's progress in order to meet different universities' needs. In the past, students at LSI schools have been granted conditional admission from their chosen university or college. Many of these schools are LSI's partner schools in the States or Canada who are ensured that students who have completed LSI programs have attained competent English skills. LSI's University Preparation Programme is specifically designed to guide students along their application process and increase their acceptance rate.
  About the Language Studies International(LSI)-NewYork
Since its establishment in 1965, Language Studies International has been providing international students with a place to exchange culture and learn new language. Believing that true linguistic enhancement comes when students are wholly immersed in the culture and language, LSI aims to provide the best accommodation suitable for English learning as well as an appropriate academic environment. LSI also understands that international students have different motives and reasons for their pursuit of new language and thus provides courses for all academic, professional and personal aims. With extensively trained instructors and professional academic counselors who have abundant experiences with foreign students, LSI constantly reviews the latest trend and methodology in the field.  Accredited by AAIEP, LSI boasts an international atmosphere, learner-centered classes, quality homestay programs, certified teachers, dynamic class lessons and a certificate as a proof of students' language competence. LSI offers several challenging courses that promise students with significantly noticeable growth in their English skills. Courses provide the same lessons in different levels in order to meet each student's needs. As courses divided into 6 levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, students will be placed in the most suitable level and thus be provided with instructions and lessons apt for their English proficiency. LSI does not settle with its current establishment. Rather, the institution continuously takes part in international research and seminars in order to provide students with the most effective method and environment to learn English in.
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