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  California Lutheran University 
ELS Language Centers, Thousand Oaks (CA)
On-Campus Dorm/residence
Private language institute (at University)
Conditional Admission (0)
Location : America > California State Establishment : 1961
Enrollment : 300 Airport Pickup : Yes
  203 Faculty Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Contact Info
  Telephone : 1(805) 493-3760   Fax : 1(805) 493-3709
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- It is Located near the Pacific Coast and downtown Los Angeles
- Students in CLU may be able to join the American Conversation partnerships, volunteer program outside of academic settings
- All the students can get free access to all campus facilities
- There are a large number of activities outside of academic settings
- Students can stay in Student Residence on campus or host family option near the center
Top Native Language by Center
Students from all over the world with different nationality and cultural background have chosen ELS program to study English in a new Environment. Nationalities of students include Arabic(48%).Chinese(22%),Japanese(13%),Portuguese(8%). The percentage may vary each month.
Conditional Admission
With over level 112 in ELS, students can be accepted to Bachelor and Master's programs. Both Undergraduate and Graduate schools issue a CLA to students.
  About the ELS Language Centers, Thousand Oaks (CA)
For over 50 years, students have chosen ELS to achieve their English language goals. With 12 class levels, state-of-the-art language technology centers, multiple testing services and university admission assistance, ELS ensures success through our personalized approach and commitment to student achievement. ELS' rapidly globalizing world presents many challenges; however, those challenges bring with them many opportunities. Being able to communicate effectively in English can help students make the most of these opportunities and enable student to accomplish his dreams. ELS International Pathways provide one with a seamless journey to further education. Students can study English with ELS in 83 different locations in 11 countries. By completing the ELS English for Academic Purposes program, student satisfy the English requirement for more than 650 ELS partner universities worldwide. ELS University Admission Services will guide students from start to finish as he progress toward his chosen university. Students will make new friends from around the world and come to understand their cultures. This will ensure one a successful journey through a rapidly changing, globalizing world.
  About the California Lutheran University
California Lutheran University(CLU) is a private university located in Thousand Oaks, a small southern California city. It was founded in 1959 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, but is nonsectarian by offering interfaith resources. The institution houses 356 faculty members, 2,500 undergraduates and about 1,400 graduate students. California Lutheran University has four academic divisions; the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Management, the Graduate School of Education, and the Adult Evening program. Across all divisions, class sizes are kept small; 16 students on average. CLU offers undergraduates either a Bachelor of Arts and Science depending on their field of study, in 36 academic majors and 31 minors, with the ability to double-major. There are 30 graduate programs offering credentials and certifications to doctorate degrees.
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