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  University of Mary Washington 
ELS Language Centers, Fredericksburg, VA
On-Campus Dorm/residence
Private language institute (at University)
Conditional Admission (0)
Location : America > Virginia State Establishment : 1961
Enrollment : 300 Airport Pickup : Yes
  1125 Jefferson Davis Hwy #350 Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Contact Info
  Telephone : +1 609 750 3566   Fax : +1 609 750 3599
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Located an hour away from the US capitol, Washington DC
- Conditional admission with 110 ELS level, without TOEFL scores
- Free access to all campus facilities
- Number of activities outside of academic settings
- High ratings of Intensive general English program by students
Top Native Language by Center
Students from all over the world with different nationality and cultural background have chosen ELS program to study English in a new Environment. Nationalities of students include Arabic (68%), Spanish (13%) Chinese (5%), and Gabonese(5%).The percentage may vary each month.
Conditional Admission
With over level 112 in ELS, students can be accepted to Bachelor and Master's programs. Both Undergraduate and Graduate schools issue a CLA to students.
  About the ELS Language Centers, Fredericksburg, VA
  About the University of Mary Washington
University of Mary Washington is a public, coeducational liberal arts college located in the city of Fredricksburg, Virginia. Founded in 1908 by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a normal school, during much of the twentieth century it was part of the University of Virginia, until separating in 1972. The school has approximately 4,300 undergraduate students and over 800 graduate students. UMW offers 118 student clubs and organizations registered with the Office of Student Activities and Community Service. Students are free to enjoy volunteer and other activities outside of academic settings.
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