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  Converse International Language(CISL) - San Franciso 
Off-campus Residence
Private language school
Location : America > California State Establishment : 1972
Enrollment : 100 Airport Pickup : Yes
  605 Market Street, Suite 1400 San Francisco, California 94105 U .S .A .
Contact Info
  Telephone : +1 415 495 7470   Fax : +1 415 495 7467
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- 8 students MAXIMUM per class
- Over 40 years of experience
- penthouse floor (with a beautiful, private, roof patio) of a historical building
Top Native Language by Center
The nationality and age mix ; varies over different time periods, courses and levels.
  About the Converse International Language(CISL) - San Franciso
Converse International School of Languages (CISL) is an excellent choice to learn English and foreign languages in San Diego and San Francisco, California. Our language schools offer programs and courses designed to provide you with the best options to study English (ESL), as well as TOEFL and Cambridge exam preparation. Founded in 1972, Converse International School of Languages (CISL) is a group of private language schools committed to providing the highest quality English language training experience. For over 30 years, CISL has specialized in teaching English to foreign students, professionals and visitors from all around the world and continues to significantly improve their English skills and prepare them for success, whether at an institution for higher learning, in a professional setting or for personal satisfaction.The school offers independent students exposure to different cross-cultural ideas in a vibrant living environment that will deepen English communication skills and cultural understanding. Students enjoy a strong academic framework that helps them to learn quickly and efficiently. Each school offers a comfortable learning environment equipped to support students in their studies. The school is a friendly and inclusive place that encourages students during lessons and outside the classroom. Maintaining a balanced mix of nationalities is a top priority at CISL. With over 40 years of experience, CISL's English language schools in San Diego and San Francisco are internationally recognized as leading centers for effective language training.Whether your interest is to study English for personal enrichment or for professional or academic purposes, our language schools provide challenging and intensive English courses and classes designed to help you achieve maximum results quickly so you can begin communicating effectively and with confidence.
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